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Tennis courts are open

As you know Tennis Clubs are now allowed to re-open under specific restrictions. If you are a British Tennis Member you will have received an email from the LTA which sets out very clearly the advice for playing tennis during lockdown.

If not, you can find the information on the LTA website   

Please take the time to read it thoroughly as it will probably answer a lot of your queries.

Our courts are now open.

There will not be any Club mornings, evenings or any group coaching activities taking place. The Main Clubhouse is shut and there are no toilet or hand washing facilities. The water supply has been turned off. There will be hand sanitiser available.

We are only permitted to play Singles, with a person from another household allowed and Doubles only with members of your own household. Coaches are allowed to coach on a one on one basis only.

To come to play tennis you will need to make a booking by contacting Elaine by text 07765 525210 with your name and your partner, the day and time you would like.

Booking slots will be for one hour each and will start from 9am and finish by 8pm. You may not just turn up and play.  It is important to maintain social distancing and avoid forming groups.

If you have not paid your membership yet you will need to do so before you come to the Club. There will either be a refund available in due course or a credit on next year’s sub to compensate for the time you have been unable to play. The only accepted payment will be through Clubspark or by bank transfer.

The gate code has been changed and all paid up members will be informed shortly of the new code for access.
If you have your own tennis balls then please use them if you are worried about using the Club balls. We do however have a good supply of new balls which will be made available on a regular basis.

The Club is following the LTA guidelines closely to ensure safe practice and to protect our members when they come to the courts.  Ultimately it is up to each individual to take responsibility for themselves, to make their own judgement of what they feel comfortable with, to act safely towards others and to follow the rules.






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