Yeovil Tennis Club Mark Status
Yeovil Tennis Club in Johnson Park

Yeovil Tennis Club through the ages

The club was formed in 1948 when Yeovil Sports Club was set up by local benefactor Stanley Johnson for the town and people of Yeovil, the area on which the club was built was then called Johnson Park.

The Tennis Club became an integral part of Yeovil Sports Club with three hard and six grass courts and prospered until about 1970 when the facilities began to need replacing and grass court maintenance became too costly, unfortunately a sinking was not in place and hence the courts deteriorated and became unusable.  The decision was taken in about 1978 to sell off the site of the nine courts for building land and put the proceeds towards building a new tennis facility on spare land at Johnson Park.

The present tennis club was reformed in 1983 when the new facility was completed, initially the club had just three hard courts, then in 1989 floodlights were installed and a year later the Pavilion was added.

The tennis club was a founder member of the Yeovil and District Tennis League and have six teams playing during the summer months and three through the winter.






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